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Greetings dear friends! My name is Konstantin Bunin, I am the author and project manager.

MUNDOPRO is a unique website and guide to the world, with the possibilities of not only independently organising your own travels and sharing your experience with other people, but also receive income from your publications.

Because of the large scale of this project, here is a short table of contents:

  1. Which user-demands can the website MUNDO.PRO fulfil?
  2. How to become a partner and earn a revenue from your posts?
  3. How did we come up with this project?
  4. The project today
  5. What is left to be finished?
  6. Why does the project need help?
  7. About the author

User-demands that the website fulfils:

How to become a partner and earn a revenue from your posts?

Once registered, you can become part of the "MUNDOPRO Travelers Club" Community and will have the opportunity to create a profile, with the possibility of storing your own data – travel experience, guide’s notes, videos, photos, news, tours, services, adverts. All articles and information you publish will be sorted by country, region, and various categories and topics. This will significantly simplify the storage of the data you need, and will provide easy access to it to every user.

As an example, you can visit my profile page: Konstantin Bunin

If you agree to the placement of advertising on your publications, you will become our partner and will be able to earn an ad-revenue. The income will be 50% of the cost of the advertising, which will always be linked with the project’s topic - traveling. No other tourist website has this option! Just imagine: you can store your data, photos, videos from your trips not only at home on your hard drive, where you might not even review it, but on our website where it will be intuitively classified and sorted, with the possibility of generating income from it.

How did we come up with the MUNDOPRO project?

The idea of this project – a user-friendly platform for planning your own trips independently – came to our mind after organising several tedious and tiring trips through Europe with my family on a rented car.

While planning these trips, we were confronted with a problem: the lack of a unified resource with a structured, trustworthy and accurate source of information on European countries, main attractions and their exact locations.

On top of that, we are active users of Facebook, where many interesting articles, photos, videos and feedbacks are posted. We also have many friends who love to travel, live abroad, are tour guides, and offer various services linked with travelling. However, Facebook is not a structured source of information, like many other social networks, and as a consequence it is next to impossible to find the information you need. Probably many of you, like us, have been confronted with this problem; you share useful information on your page and after a month you cannot find it...

Thus, thanks to our acquired experience, was born the idea of creating a simple and intuitive guide website for your travels throughout the world, which would include a social network: "MUNDOPRO Travelers Club", with not only the possibility of planning your travels independently and sharing your experience, but also being able to earn a revenue with active and creative users.

The project today

Today, MUNDOPRO is the product of three years of intense work from a team of programmers, authors, editors, designers, but also professional translators and many other talented users!

Over 1000 various posts and 100 professional articles on the most interesting places on the planet have already been written and published! In the end, on one single internet resource you can plan your trips independently and without any mediators: from the research of data and choosing the country you want to visit, to the booking of plane tickets and tours.

What is left to be finished?

For the comfort of our users we still have to put in place:

  • The possibility to book and pay for a tour, excursion, or service directly from the tour-guide, on a specific date (which you could pick on a calendar) and time. No touristic website has this option yet;
  • The possibility for all registered users to leave comments, exchange through the website chat, and leave a like on any post.

As you see, the website structure has not that much work left to be done.

The main volume of work is the creation of professional articles in Russian on various countries, regions and cities, their editing and translation into other European languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Italian.

What is the advantage of professionally written articles?

The user receives an accurate and detailed source of information on the locations he/she wishes to visit, their main attractions and their position on Google Maps, their wildlife and climate, culture and traditions, cuisine and holidays.

Furthermore, the itinerary described in the various articles is created in such a fashion as to give the user the opportunity to comfortably visit and see as much local attractions as possible, in a smaller span of time. Here is an example of an interesting article: France. Upper Normandy

Why does the project need help?

According to our calculations, for the website to be able to exist independently with ad revenue while displaying as much content as possible on traveling to the most popular countries, it is still necessary to write, edit and translate at least another 150 to 200 professional articles.

The volume of one single article, for example "Aragon" is over 20 thousand characters, and the writing of such an article costs 8 euros per 2 thousand characters, which is 80 euros in total. Same rule applies for the professional translation of an article into any European language, thus another 80 euros. For the 5 different languages offered on this website, the writing and translation of such an article adds up to at least 400 euros, and that is not taking into account the cost of the work of the editors, correctors and designers.

Thus, the funds needed to finish this website are over 60 thousand euros.

All collected funds will directly go to pay the programmers, professional authors and translators. We will inform you monthly of what progress has been made, and how much money was used. If you decide to help the project, we could finish it together with you in under a year, while keeping work places for professionals. We would be grateful for any help you can give us!

Become an active member of the Community and one of our partners! We welcome all of your travel-related publications. Write interesting and informative articles, share your travel experience, post videos and photos, tours and excursions, news and services, and they will be seen by thousands of interested users!

Thank you for your attention!

We sincerely welcome and thank you for supporting the project MUNDOPRO!

About the author

Chemistry and Biology Professor by profession; instructor for mountain tourism, photographer, and lover of travel by vocation.

I have professional experience in creating travel guides, and have been chief editor of the book-selling and editing brand "ROSSY", which has released several travel guides on Caucasian Mineral Waters and the resort cities of Pyatigorsk, Yessentuki, Kislovodsk, Zheleznovodsk.

"Anniversary travel guide to CMW" was prepared and edited by the "ROSSY" editorial house, and has been recognised to be the best in 2004.