MUNDO.PRO. Briefly for beginners

Last updated on: February 05, 2024



MUNDO.PRO is an information portal about the countries of the world; an online search system for travel offers and a digital platform for creative people to effectively implement their knowledge and experience.

In addition, MUNDO.PRO is a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization), a community whose members jointly control an Ethereum cryptocurrency account through voting to achieve common goals, such as running a business, selling tourism offers to local residents or charity. 

What is an "information portal"

This is a large website with a convenient structure and navigation, various resources and services, containing a large amount of unique content designed for constant updating of information that occurs in a real-time system. The main task is to help users find the necessary information on a specific topic.

What is an online search system for travel offers

This is a system for searching information about tourism services and products posted on the website by local residents. 

What is a "digital platform"

A "digital platform" is an ecosystem and business model that allows suppliers to connect online directly with consumers to provide and/or sell information, services, and products. 

What does it mean for creative people to effectively implement their knowledge and experience?

This is an opportunity for all professionals to effectively implement their knowledge and experience on The author does not need to think about selling his work. Just write interesting and informative articles, publish and receive MUNDO tokens as a reward.

The author writes, publishes and receives tokens, the amount of content on the portal increases, traffic increases and, as a result, the cost of the token. Not a single publication is worth as much as the author can receive (for it) when selling MUNDO tokens, when the cost of the token begins to increase proportionally with the growth of traffic to the portal. 

What does "DAO" mean?

Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

A DAO is a commitment to sharing value with the community.

DAO is a promising model of economic relations and a form of management of an organization through direct voting of participants, made possible thanks to the development of cryptography and revolutionary solutions based on the Ethereum blockchain platform. Blockchain makes it possible to organize a secure digital ledger of contracts, acts and records that record ownership and voting rights for a part of the organization, with the aim of generating income for participants in exchange for tokens. The term was coined by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin in his 2014 paper

What is blockchain

Blockchain is a continuous sequential chain of blocks, built according to certain rules, containing information or, in other words, a huge public information database that operates without centralized leadership and is managed by all participants in this ecosystem. The key feature of blockchain technology is that it is decentralized and there is no need for a third party (intermediary). 

What is Ethereum

Ethereum is blockchain is a public distributed network. It was created to execute the program code of any decentralized application, for example the MUNDO.PRO smart contract platform. Transactions on Ethereum are paid for with the native ETH token and are typically denominated in "gwei", which is 0.000000001 ETH. 

What are smart contracts MUNDO.PRO

A smart contract, or "smart" contract, is the name of a computer code or a condition under which, when fulfilled, the participants of a DAO manage the organization and securely exchange their assets. The created MUNDO.PRO smart contracts run on top of the Ethereum blockchain and work exactly as programmed - they cannot be changed, fraud or third party interference is impossible, and their work cannot be stopped. They are the basic (structural) elements of the DAO. 

How are DAO and Ethereum related?

Ethereum is the first cryptocurrency network that allowed people to create DAOs. Most DAOs are on the Ethereum blockchain. 

Is a DAO software?

Yes, a DAO is a decentralized software application written specifically to work in cryptocurrency networks. 

How should I use the word "DAO"

"DAO" is used to refer to the actual software smart contracts that control the application, and in other cases to generically refer to the members of an organization. 

Do I need to be a developer to contribute to MUNDO.PRO

Not at all, MUNDO.PRO has an expanded ecosystem of marketing, design, education and Community management, so anyone with transferable skills can contribute and add value to the DAO. 

What will the user receive if he joins MUNDO.PRO?

Who can join MUNDO.PRO

Any person who takes part in the development of the DAO and receives a MUNDO token as a reward or purchases a MUNDO token from a DAO participant. Anyone who owns a MUNDO token automatically becomes a member of the DAO that issued those tokens. 

What is the MUNDO token

The MUNDO token is a digital unit of value (digital financial asset). A DAO was released on the Ethereum blockchain in order to reward participants for their contributions to the development of the MUNDO.PRO project and the management of the DAO through voting, as well as the distribution of income between them in exchange for tokens. The MUNDO token provides their holders with the same rights as the rights of shareholders of traditional companies. 

How many MUNDO tokens have been issued?

A total of 100,000,000 tokens have been issued. There will be no additional issue. 

How many tokens did the project founders receive?

The ten founders of the project received 12% of the tokens in their Ethereum wallets when launching a smart contract to issue the MUNDO token. 

Where are MUNDO tokens stored and who has access to them?

88% of tokens are locked by a smart contract in Ethereum DAO wallets:

  • 70% in the Free Distribution Fund
  • 18% in the Reserve Fund

Tokens are unlocked for distribution only through voting by DAO participants. No one has the right to access MUNDO tokens without voting. 

How many MUNDO tokens are offered for distribution?

70% of tokens are offered for free distribution. 

Do I need a MUNDO token to join MUNDO.PRO

Yes, to become a member of the DAO you must have tokens. 

How many tokens do I need to join the DAO?

To become a member of the DAO, it is enough to own one MUNDO token, since only a whole token makes it possible to participate in the management of the DAO through voting: 1 MUNDO token = one vote. 

What is the advantage of the MUNDO token over other tokens?

  1. You do not have to buy tokens; you can receive MUNDO tokens for free for participating in the development of the Community.
  2. The MUNDO token gives the right to receive income in exchange for tokens, shared ownership and the right to manage the DAO.
  3. Unlocking tokens, ether (ETH) from Ethereum wallets of the DAO and their distribution is controlled by the participants of the DAO only through voting.

That is, the MUNDO token is backed by assets of the material world - information resources MUNDO.PRO. 

What is the reward in MUNDO tokens for a one-page publication?

The initial reward in MUNDO tokens for publication for authors whose article has been moderated will be calculated based on the number of characters in the publication: 50 MUNDO tokens for a publication of 2000 characters. 

What tools do I need to join the DAO?

An Ethereum wallet with enough Ether (ETH) to purchase the MUNDO token. 

How to become a DAO participant

ДTo do this you need to register on the website, make at least three publications of any type of material ("Travel Experience""Guides' notes""Video""Photos""News""Services""Real estate"), register and verify in the participant’s personal account (PA) on the page and receive 100 MUNDO tokens as a reward to your Ethereum wallet address. Or register in your personal account on the page, pass verification and buy MUNDO tokens from a DAO participant. 

How to buy MUNDO token

DAO does not sell tokens. Tokens can only be purchased directly from DAO participants using the Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency. To do this, you need to create an Ethereum wallet. The most convenient way to do this is through the application Metamask

What is voting used for in a DAO?

Most decisions of DAO participants, especially about unlocking and transferring MUNDO tokens or Ethereum cryptocurrency from DAO Ethereum wallets, are made by voting. 

What are the benefits of DAO

  • Inclusive — anyone can join and take part.
  • Democracy — all key decisions are made by the Community only through voting.
  • Transparency — every transaction to and from the DAO is publicly available.
  • Permissionless — DAOs are not regulated and cannot be sanctioned by governments. 

What distinguishes MUNDO.PRO from other projects and will make it successful

DAO is simply a digital technology and a tool for people with more developed consciousness to organize themselves. The DAO brings together people who consciously want to contribute their work and creativity, taking responsibility for their part of the common. And they are interested in realizing the potential for creating joint value. People united by the idea of a fair economy without intermediaries is the most important component of a successful DAO.

MUNDO.PRO is the world's first project to create a completely new type of economic system, where any person, regardless of place of residence, with just a smartphone and the Internet, can offer their resources (knowledge, services, property, goods, etc.) to other people without intermediaries.

Content is information. And quality information is Users. Placing a large amount of educational content on one website will attract many users and, as a result, advertisers. As a result, the value of the token will begin to increase proportionally with increasing traffic to the website.

Join MUNDO.PRO, offer your knowledge and experience, participate in the management of the Community and the creation of a new economy without intermediaries.

DAO — the path to financial independence and freedom!