About us

Last updated on: February 05, 2024

MUNDO.PRO (hereinafter referred to as "Portal", "Community", "DAO") is an information portal and digital platform (DeFi) for the effective implementation of your knowledge and experience by creative people, an online search engine for travel deals (including booking tours and excursions, comparing prices for airline tickets, hotels, car rentals and other travel-related services) around the world through its websites, applications and other platforms.

In addition, MUNDO.PRO is an ecosystem and decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), the first in the tourism industry to organize independent travel and sell tourist offers by local residents directly to Users (P2P) using modern digital technologies — a smart contract "secure transaction". The DAO is created and managed using the rules of open smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain platform. The purpose of the DAO is to generate income for participants who are the owners of the Portal and to create trusting, secure conditions for the execution of transactions between Travel Suppliers and Users.

DAO exists only on the Internet, is not a legal entity and is not a taxpayer. Responsibility for paying taxes on the income received by participants lies entirely with the participants of the DAO.

Currently rights to the website https://mundo.pro/ and personal account of the DAO participant https://dao.mundo.pro/ belong to Konstantin Ivanovich Bunin, residing in Spain, foreigner identification number (NIE Y2703732G), telephone: +34 650 532 679, email: konstantinbunin@gmail.com.

Before the Community members make a decision on the need to register a legal entity in the form of the Non-Profit Foundation "MUNDO.PRO" and transfer the rights to the information portal to it https://mundo.pro/ and personal account of the DAO participant https://dao.mundo.pro/, from a legal point of view, the interests of the DAO are represented by Konstantin Ivanovich Bunin. It ensures administration and smooth operation of the portal https://mundo.pro/.

In our activities, we are guided by the legislation of the European Union and international law.

DAO does not sell anything, is not a travel operator or agent and is not responsible for setting and maintaining prices for any travel offers that you find and book using the website mundo.pro, or for providing such offers and products ("Third Party Travel Products"). All such third party travel products are provided by independent guides, travel agencies, airlines, hotels, tour operators or other third parties ("Travel Suppliers") and are subject to the terms and conditions set forth by such third parties.

The Portal allows you to post, upload and transmit information, images, videos or other data ("User Content"), or otherwise make it available to MUNDO.PRO or other users of the Information Portal.

Booking travel services through MUNDO.PRO.

"Travel Provider": local residents, professional guides, accommodation service providers (e.g. hotel, apartment or bed and breakfast), leisure service providers (e.g. amusement parks, museums, travel organizers), transportation service providers (e.g. rental cars, cruises, train tickets, airport transfers, bus tours), travel insurance companies and all other service providers or products available for booking.

MUNDO.PRO simplifies the process of booking travel products with Travel Suppliers and is only responsible for the booking itself. At the time of booking, you will be provided with information about the specific Travel Provider and the terms and conditions that apply to your booking with that Provider ("Travel Provider Terms"). You must read and fully understand these terms and conditions before making a booking.

Guides and local experts can post excursions and other tourism products, with the possibility of booking and paying for them on a specific date and time, as well as renting out housing or putting it up for sale. Users have the opportunity to pay for all tourism products on the Portal with Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency, and the "safe transaction" smart contract makes this procedure transparent and trustworthy.

Reservations and payments for tourism products posted on the MUNDO.PRO information portal can be made using the Ethereum cryptocurrency (ETH). When paying with ether, Users will be charged only the minimum transaction fee (gas) necessary to pay for the work of validators in the network Ethereum. Ether payment mechanism: the entire amount in ETH for a tourism product goes to the “safe transaction” smart contract in the Ethereum DAO wallet and is blocked. 24 hours after the end date and time of receipt of the travel product, in the absence of a claim from the User during this period of time (24 hours), the ether, minus the gas commission for the transaction, is automatically transferred to the Ethereum wallet address of the Travel Provider specified by him in his personal account (Personal account) of the DAO participant on the page https://dao.mundo.pro. If the User is not satisfied and within 24 hours filed a complaint against the Travel Provider on the portal (the "Arbitration" button), then the payment remains blocked on the Ethereum smart contract of the DAO wallet, until the decision of the Community’s internal arbitration. In this case, the parties to the conflict present their arguments and evidence, and after 72 hours, the delegates of the Community arbitration make a decision according to which the cost of the tourism product is transferred either to the Ethereum wallet address of the Travel Supplier, or, minus the gas fee, is returned to the Ethereum wallet address User. In case of disagreement with the decision of the delegates of the internal arbitration of the Community, the Travel Provider and the User have the right to submit the issue of the subject of the dispute or conflict to a vote of the participants of the DAO. To do this, the User also needs to become a member of the DAO, go through the registration and verification procedure in the personal account (PA) of the DAO participant on the page https://dao .mundo.pro, buy 100 MUNDO tokens from any DAO participant in order to become a full member of the DAO and make a non-refundable deposit of 10 MUNDO tokens to the DAO Ethereum wallet for submitting a proposal to the DAO participants for voting.

MUNDO.PRO simplifies the search for information and reservation of travel products for a specific date and time posted on the platform by Travel Suppliers and creates conditions for a secure transaction. The MUNDO.PRO service is not a Travel Provider and does not provide any other services other than search and reservation services for tours, excursions or other services posted by Travel Providers on the MUNDO.PRO platform.